What is the Best Material for a Canoe? – Different Materials

Competition or adventure on the water is always enjoyable, such as racing, camping, touring, and many other general-purpose. Canoes have been widely used for this kind of pleasure or competition from the past.

A canoe is a narrow, lightweight water vessel opened on top and pointed at both ends. It is manufactured with one or more seats or even kneeling paddlers. Modern canoes are designed with a variety of materials from fiberglass to Aluminum, even specialized plastics.

Types of Canoe Material 

If you are a beginner or when you will be looking for the best canoes, then you will be facing many choices. At first, you should consider facts that where and how you are going to use them. Different types of canoe come with varying materials of manufacturing.

Would you please look at this section of the article, where we will be discussing various types of canoe material?

Plastic canoes

Usually, plastic canoes are made of a variety of compounds and different manufacturing procedures. There are mainly two manufacturing methods of plastic canoe making.


These canoes contain high-impact ABS, polyethylene, and acrylic by sandwiching layers to form a UV-resistant and rigid outer surface. Thermoform canoes are great used for touring recreational purposes or even family fun canoeing. They are inexpensive, lightweight also.


These canoes are manufactured by rotating solid blocks of plastic and then cutting away from it into the shape of a canoe. These are also durable, cheap, and maintenance-free.

Royalex canoes 

Royalex is a composite canoe where the inner layer is made of ABS closed-cell foam, hard ABS, and vinyl. This tool is well-insulated, durable, and cheaper to produce. The best thing is Royalex canoe can hold its shape perfectly and enable it to take bound and pound right back to its original form. It is lighter than the Aluminum and rotomolded canoes.

Fiberglass canoes

Fiberglass canoes are made from resins and mixing fibers by laying them to form in a mold. They are lightweight, strong, and very hard. It can also be shaped easily to create a hull. It makes the canoe glide faster and easier through the water.  

Aluminum canoes 

Aluminum canoes are made of high-quality Aluminum. These canoes are lightweight and cheaper to produce than the others. Because of the modern composites, aluminum canoes have lost people’s attraction. But for its durability, affordability it has still got it.

Kevlar canoes 

Kevlar is a kind of composite fabric woven which is five times stronger than steel. Kevlar canoes are super light. But they are more robust than Aluminum and fiberglass. Also, these canoes are easy to repair.

Carbon canoes 

The lightest, fastest, and most expensive canoes are those that are made from carbon. This canoe provides very fast and also efficient paddling. In most cases, it comes with decent durability.

Wooden canoes 

The wooden canoe was the most common and available in the past. These canoes are considered the oldest canoe. Still, they are available but user-customized. This type of canoe looks beautiful and makes fun of while paddling. But they tend to be very heavy and need regular maintenance if you want to use them over the years.

Suitability of Different Canoe Materials

The best canoe material is that one that fits your particular paddling style. Let’s have a look at which canoe material is ideal for which specific purposes.

Rocky beaches and rough water: If you are paddling on rough water or rocky beaches, then Aluminum and hard plastics are best for this kind of purpose. These kinds of materials are durable and will not affect the surface of the canoe.

Smooth water: When you are canoeing in the soft or calm water, then wood, Aluminum, and any of the plastics will go great in this case.

For fast paddling: If you are attending a race or want to paddle fast, then the canoes of lightweight plastics, fiberglass, and kevlar canoes will make the job done than others.

For summer camps, family fun, rentals: For any touring, family fun, rental, or summer camp purposes, look for that material that can take a pounding and keep on paddling. Royalex canoes are a good option for this purpose. You can also go for poly rotomolded canoes.


Canoeing is one of the most incredible recreational options as well as a fun adventure to enjoy. It can give a new skills with your limitations. You will also know from this adventure that how relaxing canoeing can be. But before that, you must have to know the best one that suits your need. As you are going to paddle on the water, so safety is a must. Bearing that in mind, choose your best canoe considering the suitable material and paddle to enjoy your adventures.  

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