What to Wear Canoeing In the Summer? – Clothing Guide!

Adventure or trips on the water such as racing, touring offers fun. Canoeing on the water is a kind of pleasurable adventure. It is an excellent way to enjoy summertime as well as relaxation also.

Appropriate dress-up is necessary for canoeing. Canoe costume is not always the same as it depends on the weather, water condition, etc. Right dress keeps your focus stuck on the fun and also makes you feel comfortable.

Summer Trips 

Dressing for the canoe is relatively easy when it’s about warmer water. Air temperature and water will both be warm while you will go paddling. So, protection from water and the sun both is important. You have to wear comfortable and breathable fabrics so that dress won’t bother you while canoeing. However, while paddling, you should look for lightweight and comfortable canoeing clothing on the warm water. Look at these guidelines that may help you.

Clothing Guide for Canoeing in Summer

The canoeing dress recommendations vary according to the weather, temperature, and season. Here you will get an idea about what to wear while canoeing in the summertime.

Fast-drying Fabrics 

For canoeing in the summertime, you have to wear clothes that can dry quickly if accidentally it gets wet. Quick-dry nylons or synthetic polyesters such as rash guards are great. Merino wool is also better as it can dry up quickly and wick away moisture. You have to avoid anything cotton. It might wick away sweat and keep you cool, but when it absorbs water, it gets wet and will take a long time to dry.

Lightweight But Comfortable

While paddling, lightweight clothes make you comfortable. So you should wear something comfortable as well as light but nothing too thin. Canoeing needs constant shifting in your seat. Super thin materials such as yoga pants don’t hold up. On the other hand, jean is too chafe and binding. So something preferable between these two options.


Perfect footwear for water means that it can protect the bottom of your feet and toes also. Many people go for old tennis shoes, which is fine but sometimes tend to stink and swimming is hard also wearing these shoes. If you don’t want to invest in high-quality footwear, we recommend you go for a hiking sandal that comes with a back strap. This kinds of footwear dry quickly, and you won’t feel irritated. On the other hand, flip-flops will feel uncomfortable and challenging to keep on while going over on the water.


Gloves are not compulsory, but it also depends on the water temperature. But if it’s about the glacier-fed river, then you may have a pair of neoprene gloves for paddling. As most of the time, your hand will have contact with water. These gloves will prevent your hand from getting wet as well as save them from blisters.  


If you are planning for canoeing on a sunny day, then a hat is a must. A hat with a broad brim can shelter you from the sun. But make sure that the hat should be attached to your head securely so that it won’t blow away. 


 The sun can strongly reflect off the water and can damage your eyes when it’s about summertime, and also it contains UV rays. So, never forget to take your sunglasses while going for canoeing to avoid the painful sunburn.

Wet Suit

In the summer, you will not be required to wear a wet suit. Your spray skirt will give protection to you while canoeing. But if the water you are canoeing is significantly cooler than the summer temperature, then you may need a wet suit. It is a challenge to find a suitable wet suit but remember that it is the main gear that will make your canoeing experience better. So, find flexible, comfortable, and water-resistant wet suits for summertime canoeing.

Life Jackets 

No matter how long, hot, or calm the water is, where you are canoeing, even if you have a good experience or think a good expert, never forget to wear a PFD (Personal Floating Device). It’s a lifesaver for you and so always wear PFD and don’t take it off while canoeing. There are various types of life jackets. Pick the thin back design with soft foam, providing comfort and more mobility for a long time on the water.


Canoeing is a part of a beautiful hobby to enjoy as well as experience nature. So, people like this adventure a lot. But safety gets your priority. So you have to protect yourself considering the climate or the time you are spending on the water. 

To make yourself protect, you need a suitable dress-up for canoeing. So, all the above guidelines are for you. Wear the right stuff to make you comfortable while canoeing and enjoy a safe and pleasurable paddling experience.

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